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Letting Go of Perfection

October 29, 2018

Aired Monday, 29 October 2018, 4:00 PM ET

Letting Go of Perfection

Have you ever tried to be “perfect”? Have you either stressed yourself out getting something (or everything) exactly right, or not even attempted something you wanted to because you don’t want to get it wrong, or worse yet, be wrong?

In this show Gabrielle Vena will be talking about how detrimental the concept of perfection can be to you, your life, your business and offering some insights and tools that may help to set you free!

Host Bio:

Gabrielle’s “work” is also her greatest source for play, joy and fun! A former Psychotherapist, she is now an Access Consciousness Certified Facilitator specializing in Joy of Business. She has a gift for being present with clients and perceiving what someone could choose in their lives, with their business, and what they can be, even if they don’t see it themselves yet. She has a unique perspective on business, as she has re-created her career several times, always being willing to choose towards what is going to create more ease, fun and fulfillment, even in the face of judgment.