Learn About the Planets

April 2, 2018

Aired Monday, 2 April 2018, 9:00 PM ET

Learn About the Planets

When you hear the word ‘planets,’ you probably think of the Solar System — as in, My Very Eager Mother Just Served Us Nine Pizzas. Ever heard that one? It’s a mnemonic device used to memorize the order of the planets, from Mercury on out to Pluto. But in astrology, the planets in our birth chart include more than just those nine — including celestial bodies that we don’t normally think of as planets, such as the Sun and the Moon.

The planets were in a certain, distinctive pattern in the sky at the exact moment that you were born, and a map of their configuration is called your natal chart, or birth chart. Each planet represents something in itself — your personality (Sun), the way you think (Mercury), the way you love (Venus) and so on — but together, the angles and connections among all of them also paint a highly specific and accurate portrait of who you are as an individual.

Some people like to claim that astrology doesn’t work — that it provides only generic information that could be applied to anyone. But take a look at a reading of your birth chart, and you’ll find out just how specific the information gets! You’ll be amazed by the picture of you that astrology paints, including in-depth analysis of your emotional life, your dreams and motivations and your subconscious drives.

We’ve all heard about Mercury Retrograde — how communication gets confused, traffic slows down and luggage gets lost when this little planet appears to start moving backward in the heavens. Mercury, however, is not the only planet that turns retrograde. In fact, all the planets except the Sun and the Moon go retrograde regularly. Join Astrologer, Kelli Fox, to learn more about the planets and what they mean.

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