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Keeping it Real with Alexander Garrett

October 24, 2018

Aired Wednesday, 24 October 2018, 8:00 PM ET

Keeping it Real with Alexander Garrett

They say that in life, if we are open to it, there will always be a second chance. For me, that second chance came in the form of a synchronistic and beautiful love story that started 21 years ago. It was then that a woman, an incoming student to the New Seminary of New York, heard me speak at the graduation and ordination ceremony. She was holding her six-year-old son, Alexander, and heard me honoring my courageous partner, Judi, who was also graduating and nearing the end of her struggle with metastatic cancer. Laurie Sue, Alexander’s mom, was moved by my words that planted a seed in her heart…a seed that would fruition into family two years later.

The first part of this new relationship was with Alexander. As Laurie Sue would bring him to New Seminary related functions, he would see me, flash this amazing smile, and want to hang out with me. My amazing, six-year old pal, was born with so many challenges yet filled with joy, an outgoing personality and a spirit that would warm your heart. As life and love would have it, two years later his mom and I began our special journey and were married just before his 13th birthday, bringing me a new partner and a new son…a son of my soul.

On October 20th, we celebrated Alexander’s 27th birthday. When he was born, the physical challenges that accompanied him into this life might not have had such a joyous outcome. But love, perseverance and indominable spirit were and are his birthright and destiny.

Alexander Kent Garrett joins me this week on Destination Unlimited to share his story. Alex is a graduate of Queens College with a degree in Media Studies. He works as a Talk Radio Producer for Salem Media Group and the shows are carried on WNYM, 970 “The Answer” in New York City area with national syndication. He also has his own podcast, “Keeping it Real with Alexander Garrett.”