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Joy in Dying with Tee Sky

March 20, 2016

Aired Sunday, 20 March 2016, 10:00 PM ET

I want to help introduce people into a way of thinking that will offer them freedom in their lives. Freedom to truly live like they are dying. My hope is to help transform lives by simply helping people accept the nevitability of their own death and to help them realize that by accepting their death and the death of others that it opens them to truly “Live” life. To experience it without the fear of death lingering over their heads. This is not to say that they go to extremes but that they are able to be in the moment. To live in the here and now and to accept their life as it is showing up so then they can make any changes they feel necessary to improve their lives.

About the Guest Tee Sky

My professional credentials come from personal experience. I am a Reiki master and through that profession have assisted people in removing emotional blocks which were hindering them in experiencing the beauty in life. I also completed all the work for a Masters degree in counseling but realized before completing my internship that traditional counseling was not my medium to create change in the world. I then ventured on to a spiritual medium to deliver my services which is when I began my Reiki training and the completion of my Master Degree in Metaphysical Science and my PhD in Philosophy and Holistic Counseling.

My true credentials however come from how I live my life, who I am being in the world. I have personally conquered my fear of death. It is not to say that I want to die but the fear has no effect on me, I accept death as part of life. I live my life trying to make each life I touch better than when I found it or at least I try to do no harm. It is the person that I am being in everyday life that qualifies me to help others. I live what I speak and although I may not be perfect, I try my best to live my life like I am dying. I forgive others when I feel they have wronged me, I ask for forgiveness when I feel I have wronged them, I live in the here and now, and I spread peace and love to those around me.

I am…

Book title: The Joy in Dying

Subtitle: Restoring Love and Peace to the Dying Process So Living Can Begin

The basis for the book came from the experience I had when I helped my brother who was dying from cancer. I spent his last days with him and was able to assist him in finding a way to accept his inevitable death and to truly live out his final days. He was such an inspiration watching him transform from a hateful, angry alcoholic to a loving, kind dying man. He said he experienced more peace in the last days of his life than he had throughout his life. I wanted others to have that same experience. Since the years that he passed, I have assisted many people through the dying process and it seemed like the same things kept coming up for each case so I decided to try to write a book that accumulated all the knowledge that I acquired. The Joy in Dying is what I came up with. It is a simple outline of how to apply basic techniques to the dying process. To assist people in discovering what really matters in life and to show them a way to not only die in peace and love but live life in peace and love.