Journey to the 8th Chakra and Beyond

June 10, 2015

Aired Wednesday, 10 June 2015, 1:00 PM ET

This week around my kitchen table the Real Holistic Housewives will be discussing the Expansive Number 8, the number of Abundance, Balance, Connection between Heaven and Earth, Infinity and beyond ~

What it means in numerology for us all to be living in an 8 Universal Year 2015 – 2+1+5=8

The incredible 852 hz frequency of ‘Awakening Intuition’ and the secrets of the ancient Solfeggio Scale.

We will also be discussing the essential things to know about the powerful 8th Chakra, and 8 ways to awaken your own psychic abilities.

Plus we will be sharing more of our incredible project EQUILARIUM and revealing some of its powerful aims, objectives and magnificence.

So come and join this weeks gathering where we will be Raising Vibrations Across the Nations ~

I will also be sharing my latest guidance, interesting conversations and stories with my beloved co-hosts and beautiful soul sisters Josephine and Gill as we play the mighty Game of Crones.

About Guest Yvette Layzell

Yvette Layzell is a wonderful connector between the divine and earth realms. She started life in local government with enforcement and policy work which in turn lead her towards healing modalities, and now she harmonises and enhances the energy in houses and places of work. In which ever role, life has always steered her towards land healing and facilitating peaceful living.

She loves what she does and it has enabled her to travel the world and to connect deeply with local communities. She is always excited by projects which have little rational work…

Her website is and you can contact her at: 

About Co Hosts Gill Orsman & Josephine Tyrrell

Gill is one of Claire’s regular guests who brings much humour and wisdom to her gatherings. Once the leading professional Flower photographer in London, working in the field of advertising, design, packaging and publishing.

Gill now pursues her calling as ‘The Holistic Photographer’ specialising in photographing the Unseen; working as a healer, counsellor, teacher and natural intuitive coach.

Josephine is another one of Claire’s fascinating guests, who brings beautiful Celtic mystic wisdom, wonder and awe to her gatherings.

She is one of Seven Sisters and the mother of Seven Sons. She is an amazing natural intuitive, Life coach, Healer, Artist and Inspirational Speaker.