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Intuitive Coaching, a Guided Entrepreneur, and the Grief Guide

August 19, 2015

Aired Wednesday, 19 August 2015, 2:00 PM ET

Today’s Rising Stars are David Zarza, Linda Deir and Georgena Eggleston

David Zarza is a noted psychic medium who combines psychology and spirituality in serving his clients.

Linda Deir followed the guidance of her Spirit Guides to survive an abusive childhood and thrive as a successful entrepreneur.

Georgena Eggleston is America’s grief guide, helping those touched by suicide release grief and guilt from their mind and body.

About Guests David Zarza, Linda Deir and Georgena Eggleston

David Zarza is a noted psychic medium, intuitive counselor, life coach, mentor and corporate consultant based in Seattle, Washington. With a background in Psychology and a passion for Spirituality, David is the perfect marriage of science and spirit. He has been featured on national television and has a syndicated radio presence with a reach of millions through the radio talk show “Get Sophistigayted™” that he co-hosts. David is the author of When Spirits Call, in which he shows you how to Lift the Veil – the illusion that prevents you from reconnecting with your departed loved ones. His website is: 

Linda Deir escaped the abuse of a raging mother at age 15 with her baby daughter and 16-year old husband. Protected since childhood by her Spirit Guides, she launched herself at age 19 as a serial entrepreneur guided by their wisdom. With no formal training, she became an architectural home designer, a General Contractor, Developer and Home Builder, and owned the largest framing construction company in northern California. In the 1980’s, she moved to Sedona, Arizona and became a successful real estate broker and started the first Internet Service Provider in northern Arizona. Her passion is helping people live a fear-free through her work as a psychic medium, dream interpreter, intuitive counselor. Her book “ Guided” is the story of her extraordinary life experiences with her Spirit Guides, and is designed to help readers connect with their own guidance, and recognize the presence of their own spirit guides so they can live a life without fear and struggle. Her web site is: 

Georgena Eggleston, M.A. is America’s grief guide for those touched by suicide, as CEO of Beyond Your Grief, Georgena is an author, speaker, trainer, and workshop leader. She is trained in countless healing modalities including Rubenfield Synergy Method®, and Science of Mind practitioner. More than training Georgena has walked the path of Grief loosing her son to suicide in 1998, and other family members in sudden ways. These credentials coupled with life expertise combine to provide you tools for releasing grief from your body and your mind. Georgena teaches Mindful Grieving and Intentional Mourning. She sees private consulting clients and conducts workshops to easefully and effortlessly support others to move beyond their Grief. She is the author of A New Mourning: Discovering the Gifts in Grief, available on Amazon. Her website is: