Integral Tantra and Shamanism

June 8, 2017

Aired Thursday, 8 June 2017, 4:00 PM ET

Integral Tantra and Shamanism

Looking at ways various wisdom traditions from around the world meet can give us insights into human condition of both Waking Up and Growing Up. James will be presenting various maps that can help us gain understanding about the circumstances of our life as well as guide us to what next steps might be in reclaiming our life-force energy and bringing it towards it’s full potential.

About the Guest: James Stevenson

James’s passion is to help call forth our human potential and our soul. His weave brings together 20 years experience in techniques, practices and information from the cutting edge of Neuroscience, Tantra, Biodanza, Shamanic & Energy Work, Integral theory and Taoist practices to create a spirituality that is rooted in the body. His evolutionary approach is to work on all lines, levels, states and parts of ourselves in bringing forth our fullest potential.

His work in meditation and tantra work draws on many different traditions and paths he has studied from Kashmir Shaivism, Baul mysticism, Advaita Vedanta, Vajrayana Buddhism, Integral systems and Neo-tantra. He was very much influenced in the early days by the enlightened master Osho and enjoyed spending time in Pune and the Humaniversity.

His shamanic work includes being Vision Quest rites of passage guide, holding Sweatlodge Ceremonies as well as Sacred Cacao Rituals. He has been dancing Biodanza since 2003 and now works as a teacher and a didactic teacher (qualified to teach other teachers in Biodanza Schools). He also leads ecstatic dance sessions, and ran the popular Awaken conscious night club in Edinburgh for many years.

As a festival organizer he is involved in 6 International Tantra festivals in both Bali,India, Holland, Portugal, California and East Coast America as well as Dance and Biodanza festivals in both Ibiza and Delhi. He was also a Regional Organizer ISTA, the International School of Temple Arts, and remains an active faculty member.


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