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Howard Martin - The HeartMath Experience

October 28, 2021

Howard Martin – The HeartMath Experience

Aired Thursday, October 28, 2021 at 4:00 PM PST / 7:00 PM EST

After many months of a global pandemic that has rapidly and relentlessly erased virtually every certainty in our lives, it’s clear there’s no going back. Even as we were sheltering in place, there was an awareness that our lives were speeding up. Now with so many radical and frequent changes to navigate in how we live, work, interact, travel, and communicate, our daily life feels like a relentless, accelerating rollercoaster ride that could go off the tracks at any moment.

So how do we find the balance we need to regain some sense of control and feel that we are thriving and not just surviving this incredibly chaotic time of transition?

Joining Sandie this week to provide some clarity and share some insights and free tools to help us flow with the evolutionary speed of change and actively participate in the creation of our future, is author, speaker, executive Vice President of Heartmath. LLC, Steering Committee Member of the Global Coherence Initiative, Howard Martin.

HOWARD MARTIN has been a voice for the HeartMath vision and mission for more than 25 years, helping people around the world learn how they can access their heart’s intelligence to create positive and sustainable change for almost three decades.

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