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How to Receive Reliable Help from the Angels

December 6, 2015

How to Receive Reliable Help from the Angels with Marie-Ange Faugérolas

Aired Sunday, 6 December 2015, 9:00 PM ET

Angels have been featured in ancient texts of our most popular religions and have fascinated and inspired devotees for millennia.

But what do we really know about these celestial beings? Is it possible to contact and connect with them whenever we desire?

Join Sylvia and her guest Marie-Ange Faugérolas, author of Angels: The Definitive Guide To Angels From Around The World, and learn how you can invoke and communicate with the angels and solicit their reliable help to obtain results beyond all hope in your own life.

About the Author Marie-Ange Faugérolas

Marie-Ange Faugérolas is an award-winning French author, speaker and screenwriter who is best known for her best-selling historical novel Conspiracy on the Nile which released throughout Europe in 1996.

Marie-Ange has written more than 13 books, ranging from epic period pieces, historical romance, supernatural dramas, suspense, as well, as self-help, esoteric and spiritual non-fictions.

In 2003, she won the Jury Award of the Literary Prize organized by the Ministry of Interior of France. Her biography of Théophile Gautier which won the Award of Excellence at the Étretat Literary competition and is featured in the libraries of universities such as Harvard, Princeton, Yale, Brown and Cambridge (UK) as the book of reference on the romantic life of Gautier.

Marie-Ange has been personally connected with angels since she was a child and her life is now dedicated to help others find their guidance, help, and love.

A mother of five, Marie-Ange currently lives in Los Angeles where she writes her novels and screenplays while frequently visiting her native Paris. Marie-Ange was named by her beloved grandmother after a popular Corsican name meaning Mary Angel, opening the way to what became a life filled with spirituality.

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