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How Stress Impacts Children, Especially Those with Autism

May 3, 2015

Aired Sunday, 3 May 2015, 9:00 PM ET

Do you know someone who has a child that is highly sensitive, anxious, shows signs of ADHD, Bi-Polar, or has been diagnosed with Autism?

Whether you answered “yes” or “no” you will want to listen to this show.

Children who are assigned any of the above labels have one thing in common, their symptoms become worse when they experience stress.

Yet, the truth is that every child has difficulty dealing with stress and very little is known about how to resolve the negative impact that stress creates.

Join Sylvia and her guest Becky Blake, Psychoneurology PhDc, author of Unlock Your Child’s True Potential for a fascinating discussion about Autism and how stress may be the key player in every child’s ability to focus, sleep, process their emotions, and communicate well.

As the single mother of three with little education and no job, when her twin son was diagnosed with Static Encephalopathy, mental retardation and later Autism, Becky was not about to let the doctor’s prognosis stop her from creating the most compelling future for her son.

Becky will share how her scientifically based breakthrough program known as the Blake Method is breaking children out of Autism and also offers strategies that almost every parent needs to know.

About Guest Becky Blake PhDc

Becky Blake is a PhD Psychoneurology/Integrated Medicine candidate with over 23 years of education. She is an international public speaker, the author of Unlock Your Child’s True Potential, and a parent educator. Becky is a neurodevelopment expert and an expert on brain function, how we learn, childhood development, nutrition, organized movement, personal development, mindset, parenting, and behavior management. Becky’s passion is helping families to help their children either in their homes, schools, or online to create the most positive outcome possible.

Her scientifically based, brain and body centered program called The Blake Method has created positive results for families around the globe and has helped children come out of Autism in 3-6 months.

Becky is the mother of three fabulous children, one had Autism, one had Bi-Polar, and the other had major sensory issues and food allergies. Now all three are productive contributors to society making happy and healthy life choices.

For more information about Becky Blake, PhDc visit: 

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