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Higher Ego Flexibility and Difficulty Growing the Quality of Your Mind

November 4, 2020

Higher Ego Flexibility and Difficulty Growing the Quality of Your Mind

Aired Wednesday, November 4, 2020 at 8:00 AM PST / 11:00 AM EST

This week on “It’s Your Ego—Stupid!”, Dr. Nick will be looking intensely into the mirror of growing our mind with truth and how higher ego flexibility can get in the way of this happening. We must each make a concerted effort to learn what we need to learn and unlearn the faulty truths, beliefs, attitudes, and values we may have acquired along the path of our lives. Something our brain helps us to do, but for which we must take ultimate responsibility. Otherwise, we run the risk of acquiring lots of inaccurate, distorted, and even disturbed ideas, beliefs, values, and prejudices, that we often have no clue is taking place. Such is the insidious process of unhealthy, imbalanced ego energy that can be at work in our lives.

Unfortunately, for those with higher ego flexibility they often take an extremely flexible approach to the growth of their mind. An approach that places them at risk of “learning” a lot of faulty beliefs, values, and attitudes. They are naïve and gullible while having difficulty questioning the ideas and beliefs of those who are trying to influence them. Often, failing to recognize the secondary, hidden agendas and motives going on behind the scenes. Roles they often come to live in are the Cultist, the Adult Child, the Loyalist, and the Puppet. The growth of their mind is being undermined by often listening to the wrong people, about the wrong things, at the wrong times. During the show, I’ll be looking at symptoms, reflections of ego stupidity, and the impact on spiritual wellness which occurs when caught up in this energy. I’ll also be looking at specific insights needed to transform higher ego flexibility into a healthier and more balanced place.

Please join me Wednesdays at 11:00 am (ET) when I will be sharing what you’ve taught me about what ego’s doing within your life, humanly and spiritually.

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