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Higher Ego Flexibility and Difficulty Achieving Your Life’s Purpose

December 23, 2020

Higher Ego Flexibility and Difficulty Achieving Your Life’s Purpose

Aired Wednesday, December 23, 2020 at 8:00 AM PST / 11:00 AM EST

This week on “It’s Your Ego—Stupid!”, Dr. Nick will be looking intensely into the mirror of being able to achieve using our potential and ultimately fulfilling our life’s purpose. Each of us has been given many gifts which we can work with in order to fulfill our human and Divine purpose. A human purpose in which we can use our gifts in whatever life’s work we choose to undertake. Be it as a teacher, accountant, custodian, athlete, minister—any and all options available to us. A Divine purpose common to all, in which our human purpose provides us with the opportunity to be the Love, Life, and Energy—God Is, within our service to others, and ultimately to ourselves.

Unfortunately, for those with higher ego flexibility, they often want and allow others to lead them in defining what they should achieve and what their life’s purpose should be. Rather than determining these things for themselves. Often, setting the stage for dissatisfaction and disillusionment when realizing this is a dead-end strategy. As one’s sense of purpose and the service they are here to render can only be determined from within. Roles they may find their way into living, until they awaken, include the Cultist, the Puppet, and the Adult Child. I’ll be looking at symptoms, reflections of ego stupidity, and the impact on spiritual wellness which occurs when caught up in this energy. I’ll also be looking at specific insights needed to transform lower ego flexibility into a healthier and more balanced place.

Please join me Wednesdays at 11:00 am (ET) when I will be sharing what you’ve taught me about what ego’s doing within your life, humanly and spiritually.

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