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Helping You When Traumatic Global Events Happen

November 19, 2015

Aired Thursday, 19 November 2015, 10:00 PM ET

When the world is facing troubled times it is personal for all of us. Over the past few days I have had personal conversations with several people where they’ve described feelings of shock, fear, disbelief, outrage and despair.

For each of us the trauma is real and whilst we may go about our days, in a state of ‘business as usual’, we are doing so with a different world view than we had only a few days before. Even if we are a realist – then the events in Paris have left us with just one more piece of reality to now contend with.

As a trauma therapist I understand that there are some key steps we can all be taking right now to both step through the initial shock and then to reconnect with a sense of safety and balance which I will be sharing with you to help you find your own way through this crisis.

About the Host Katrina Cavanough

Katrina Cavanough is an acclaimed Intuitive Specialist and Spirituality Coach, Katrina is also a qualified therapist with over 20 years experience.

Katrina is the Intuition and Spirituality Coach on Balance By Deborah Hutton and has appeared nationally on television, magazine and radio in Australia.

Katrina is a regular contributor to, New Dawn Magazine and can be heard live every week on her radio show in the US ‘I AM Wisdom’ on OM TIMES Radio. Katrina has been heard internationally on various radio shows including Hay House Radio, Voice America and across several other stations. Katrina’s writings have been featured is the USA TODAY and WALL STREET JOURNAL best seller – Simple Reminders, authored by Bryant McGill and Jenni Young. Katrina is well known for her work as a medium where she works with soul to soul communication to connect you to your loved ones who have passed over.

Katrina Cavanough was profiled as one of Australia’s Top 10 Psychics on Channel 7′ 2011 Series of THE ONE. Katrina Cavanough works across two worlds – both in the mainstream as a therapist (grief and relationships) and then in her spiritual practice where she can help using her awareness as a medium, Intuitive and link you to understand your past, present and future (PPF). Her heart is warmest when she is combining all three areas of her life including therapy, coaching and intuition. Katrina is the author of Wisdom For Your Life (Allen & Unwin) and Happy Little Hearts (Blue Angel Publishing)

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