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Helping Children Stay Centered In Chaotic Times

February 4, 2016

Aired Thursday, 4 February 2016, 7:00 PM ET

There’s no denying that we are living in an unsettled and chaotic time in which there is very little good news to be found in the world’s media. With weird weather, geopolitical shake-ups, financial recessions and a mass movement of people displaced by wars, violence, and extreme weather conditions, how do we help our children understand and cope with the many changes that are at hand? How do we keep them from becoming fearful and stressed? What strategies, tools and resources can we offer them to help them remain centered and calm?

This week’s show will be more experiential than most, as Sonja will be providing some powerful meditations and exercises for parents and for children to help manage the stressful situations that are a by-product of chaotic times.

About the Guest Sonja Grace

SONJA GRACE is an author, teacher and mystic healer who has a rich background in many modalities: Neuro Linguistic Programming, Trager therapy, Feldenkrais, Polarity, Energy Medicine, Touch for Health and Etheric and Energy work. Her years of dance training lend to the micro movement and morning cellular yoga she teaches at all of her retreats. Sonja has appeared on Beyond Belief with George Noory, Coast to Coast AM , Better TV and her popular Earth Ways Series. Sonja shares in detail the responsibility and dedication of her life in service in her new book ‘Become an Earth Angel.’


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