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Happy Sparkles In Your Sunshine. Not. | Todd Heldt

May 21, 2015

Aired Thursday, 21 May 2015, 3:00 PM ET

“If you search for articles that will tell you that global warming is not happening, you’ll find articles that tell you that global warming isn’t happening. And that makes you feel better about yourself, but it doesn’t really get you closer to understanding the world. In a way, global warming is a really interesting case study in information literacy and how people seek out the information used to justify their world views.” – Todd Heldt

When we understand the processes contributing to climate change as well as its impact on earth’s inhabitants we will stop calling these truths “science fiction” and take the blinders off. Global warming isn’t a fun fact. It’s the hard and hot truth. Don’t listen to this show if you’re looking for more happy sparkles in your sunshine. Do listen to this show if you want your children and grandchildren to live.

About Guest Todd Heldt

Todd Heldt is a librarian/writer who lives in Chicago with his wife and two sons. He studies global warming, political science, religion, literature, psychology, sociology, and many other -ologies. He teaches classes on information literacy and the information landscape of global warming.