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Forgiveness and Release

May 5, 2020

Forgiveness and Release

Aired Tuesday, May 5, 2020 at 10:00 AM PST / 1:00 PM EST

Join me this week as we delve into the critically important but much misunderstood topic of forgiveness. What are you ready to forgive today, and whom?

For most of us, forgiveness can be a challenging subject. When someone wrongs us, modern culture all too often preaches retaliation and abuse. No wonder people feel fearful!

How we respond to an affront, whether real or perceived, matters. It matters deeply. Forgiving an offense and an offender takes us from a place of victimhood and powerlessness to a space of true power, maturity, and peace.

This is not an easy practice. Fortunately, world spirituality has much to say on the subject, and there is much a person can do to practice forgiveness, true forgiveness. The real deal is quite different from the shallow, strings-attached forgiveness practiced all too commonly in the world. Tune in this week as we explore examples and practices from various world spiritual traditions.

Forgiveness means release. Release of what? For starters, release of fear, for both the forgiver and the forgiven. All parties also receive a lightening of guilt, of burdens that need not exist. A solid practice of forgiveness—yes, it’s possible—clears the pathway for peace of mind and, ultimately, spiritual realization.

Do you have a long road to get there? No problem; we all do. On the show I will share some personal details from my own experience, including the long but greatly rewarding process of forgiving my own mother of a lifetime of abusive behavior.

I will also address some common misconceptions, most notably that forgiving someone equates to putting up with a pattern of abusive or unwanted behavior. It does not. Learn how you can both hold space and compassion for someone else and stand up for yourself at the same time. It is indeed possible, and oh so liberating!

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