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Finding Your Joy and Creating Your Highest Potentials the Dolphin Way

January 3, 2016

Aired Sunday, 3 January 2016, 10:00 PM ET

Join Cyndie Lepori, the Dolphin Emissary. Do you need more Joy in your life? Are you caught in the nets of Chaos and feel stressed and unsafe? Find out how to clear blocks to your health and happiness quickly and easily the dolphin way. Each exercise is quick, fun, and easily with immediate results. She will be doing some Quantum Readings to demonstrate how quickly old energies and programs you are running in your life can be transformed!

What is Ascension? How does it affect me? How can I create a flow of abundance? How can I be Joyful? How can I create love in my life?

Cyndie will be sharing with us information that she has received through channelings over the last 20 years to help answer these questions and more.

* Feel like you are spinning in place? We will be talking about safety, stability, and how to create it for yourself.
* Are things in your life not working like they used to? We will be sharing how it is all working now that we are further into the New Earth Frequencies.
* Why am I stuck? We will be doing exercises and play to demonstrate how to align with the new frequencies and how to instantly shift into alignment with the life you want.
* She will share the current trends she is seeing.
* She will share the importance of all 4 levels of creation in our lives, from the physical to the spiritual.

“With the help of our guides, we can create an unmistakable experience, using play and humor, so that you know energies and information, in a way that takes you to a whole new level, starting where ever you already are. This is the way of the new frequencies of Ascension.”

About the Guest Cyndie Lepori

Cyndie Lepori is an internationally renowned reader, channel, speaker and best-selling author.. She was chosen to be in the World Wide Who’s Who directory for her contributions on behalf of the dolphins during the Gulf Oil Spill.

Cyndie is a Retired RN with a BS degree from Mississippi Southern and Ascension Reiki Master Teacher. She is an Animal Communicator contributing to Species link monthly. She is on the Spirit Rescue Team for clearing properties and Radical Joy for Hard Times Team. She has created gatherings all over the world for Beach Activations to heal the waters of the Earth. She works with the Cosyn Group to facilitate grid activations and bring in the new frequencies to the earth from Source.

Dolphin Energy Practitioner/Healer Level II. Certified by Dolphin Heart World. Certified by the Dolphins as an Emissary to facilitate Blue Star Dolphin Attunements and Transformational Weekends and play shops.

As the Dolphin Emissary, Cyndie contributed her chapter and channeled the conclusion from the dolphins to the Amazon Best Seller Dolphins and Whales Forever. She has written Bubbles and Billy Sandwalker to assist the children and grownups to better understand the gifts spirit and the dolphins have provided for us. Her blog talk radio show is under Dolphinhugs4u2. Her films on youtube are viewed and shared worldwide.

For further information please go to, contact me at or call to set up a time for Quantum readings, healings or clearings at 601-466-6559. Thank you!