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Face to Face with Kate Spreckley

July 1, 2021

Face to Face with … Soul Coach, Kate Spreckley

Live on OMTimes Radio Thursday, July 1, 2021, at 10:30 PST / 1:30 PM EST

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As a soul coach, energy practitioner, speaker, and facilitator, Kate Spreckley’s unique approach to healing, personal growth, and development incorporate the entire being – physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, and soul. Her distinctive and unique gifts enable her to read energetic fields and to bring release, healing, and clearing of blocks, old patterning, negative beliefs, and challenging life experiences. She offers processes and practices which help people find and forge their own path and bring them to a higher state of consciousness, connection, and balance that allows their natural skills and abilities to blossom, guiding them toward healing, growth, and transformation.

Kate Spreckley will not only be sharing the stories behind the 10 best spiritual books that influenced her the most on her life journey, but also will give us a peek into her life as the mother of two girls, an indigo and a crystal, and her work helping parents of the new kids understand why they’re here and what they’re showing us.

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