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Exposing Sexuality Myths & Healing Shame

July 9, 2015

The Emergence of a Modern Tantric Goddess in Therapeutic Practice – Exposing Sexuality Myths & Healing Shame

Aired Thursday, 9 July 2015, 4:00 PM ET

Taryn Harvey is passionate about bringing the topic of sex and intimacy out into the open, specifically around the area of sexual dysfunction & abuse; plus how to live a healthy fulfilling sexual life when single – or in a relationship with a partner who may be seriously ill. Her practice and coaching is all about empowerment for the individual. She highlights that body image issues create huge discrepancies in both men and women when it comes to confidence in mating, dating, relating and ageing. Self-esteem and communication skills are key in creating healthy sex lives full of passion and fun!

About Guest Taryn Harvey

Taryn Harvey is the founder of Tantra Sydney, and is primarily based in Australia. A Certified Tantra Teacher & Chakra Practitioner infusing bodywork, Taryn holds Diplomas in Transformational Life Coaching + Holistic Counselling. Also a recently published author, her book “Trust” is a personal account of sexual repression, abuse, divorce, sexwork, holistic therapy and the path to Tantra through spiritual enlightenment.


Twitter: @tantricsexcoach 

Facebook: TarynTantraSydney 

Instagram: tarynharveytantra