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Empowering Kids To Be Leaders in Life & Business

April 20, 2015

Simone Milasas, business mentor and author of Joy of Business, talks with Brendon Watt, a Conscious Parents Conscious Kids Facilitator and a totally different Dad.

Aired Monday, 20 April 2015, 4:00 PM ET

Have you ever wondered how to empower your kids to be all that they can be? What if it’s about them tapping into what they already know? What can you contribute to the children in your life being empowered not only in everyday choice but also in business? Brendon and host, Simone Milasas, have been creating a relationship and multiple businesses from a totally different point of view. What can their conversation contribute to you creating a new reality with your kids and your business?

About Guest Brendon Watt

Brendon Watt is a Dad with a difference. His approach to parenting is one of empowerment, choice, contribution and question and he would like to offer you the possibility of a completely different reality with your children. For many parents, struggle and sacrifice is their daily routine and glimpses of joyful freedom can be scarce. As a father, Brendon has changed what once was a difficult burden into a dynamic and easy exchange with his child. He now has more space to be him by allowing and watching his son grow into his own. You can learn more about Brendon at