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Elders Speak: Allayah and Charlie

January 29, 2017

Aired Sunday, 29 January 2017, 2:00 PM ET

Both Charlie and I continue our series of spontaneous guidance talks from Spirit called Heart to Soul. Please join us and we offer seeds of love and light from our hearts to yours.

About the Guest Charlie-the riverman-Bergeron

After a life altering Death experience, Charlie returned to this incarnation very changed. He has integrated his souls higher purpose of service to all life forms on this planet. This radient soul of so many talents offers Soul filled seeds of wisdom thru his inspired poetry and blogs to soothe the hearts of others who are struggling emotionally in these turbulent times of planetary ascension.

From early childhood, Charlie ‘Riverman’ Bergeron was aware of Spirit Energy, a facet of himself which dismayed others in his family. In order to survive, he adopted earthly human programming. He attempted to fit within outdated and limiting roles which all failed to serve his Soul Purpose. All of which ended in a motorcycle accident in 1991 resulting in death – or, more commonly, a ‘Near Death Experience’ (NDE) – however, Charlie was briefly returned to the Light, to Source, and thus experienced a realignment and returned to this lifetime.

The name ‘Riverman’ was given to him when he was recognized as an EarthAngel when he met a Storyteller named “Greywing”. He considers himself an EarthAngel which he describes, in essence a human co-facilitator of Higher Energies and Purpose or as he was guided to say, a Spiritual Recovery Facilitator, assisting all to raise their energy and empower them to access their Spirit Nature, freely and without restriction or fear. He is now focusing on Dowsing Energy and Co-Creating with clients a more unified and positive connection to the space ‘in and on’ which they live, by aligning the positive and blocking the negative energies of Earth, the Galaxy and Cosmos to empower their unification for the Highest Good of Everyone.

Charlie’s practices over the past 20 + years includes: Near Death Experiencer; EarthAngel; A Course In Miracles Facilitator; Spiritual Recovery Facilitator; Usui Reiki Master/Teacher; NPDT Master and 13 D Healer; 9 Rites of Munay-Ki (Earthkeeper); Crystal Skull Guardian; Golden Light Dowser, Spiritually Inspired Poet & Photographer; and on the more grounded side a Custom Woodworker. Dowser working with the clearing and healing of earth spaces.

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