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Dr. Carl Johan Calleman - Quantum Science of Psychedelics

March 11, 2020

Dr. Carl Johan Calleman – Quantum Science of Psychedelics

Aired Wednesday, March 11, 2020 at 5:00 PM PST / 8:00 PM EST

As a child in the 1950’s, I had a subtle awareness that there was more to existence than our five senses perceived. In the 1960’s with the advent of the psychedelic era, older friends who were experimenting with LSD, “magic mushrooms”, and other mind altering substances described the same experiences that I had without the use of these. What was I tapping into? Were there ancient energy and other levels of consciousness available? In later years I came to learn that ancient cultures had these experiences, with and without mind altering substances, and that these were fundamental to understanding what science has termed “quantum reality.” I also learned that there was a connection between the pineal gland, what the ancients called “the third eye” and altered states of consciousness. Is there a way that humanity may once again access this ancient understanding and in doing so restore empathy, compassion and oneness?

My guest this week on Destination Unlimited, Dr. Carl Johan Calleman, has made a study of the ancient wisdom of the Maya and how that civilization employed altered states of consciousness to understand the multi-dimensional nature of reality. Dr. Calleman is a scientist with a Ph.D. in biology from the University of Stockholm. He is a former senior researcher of environmental health at the University of Washington, in Seattle, and an expert on carcinogens for the World Health Organization. He is the author of seven books including The Nine Waves of Creation. His website is and he joins me this week to discuss his groundbreaking new book, Quantum Science of Psychedelics: The Pineal Gland, Multidimensional Reality, and Mayan Cosmology.

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