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Domination in Business

September 19, 2016

Aired Monday, 19 September 2016, 4:00 PM ET

Join Joy of Business Team Members, Rebecca Hulse and Emily Russell, as they talk with Georgia Watson, world renowned dominatrix and erotic hypnotist, about how to use domination in business. Whether you are single or in a relationship, own a company or work for someone else, this episode is full of tools to stop being taken advantage of and instead how to use the tools of domination to create more and greater!

What is domination? What have we defined domination is that it isn’t? What if you never had to be the victim of domination or bullying again? After her lucrative success in the industry, Georgia shares tools in this episode to use domination as a tool to create change, awareness and empowerment!

About the Guest Georgia Watson

Georgia Watson is a world renowned dominatrix and erotic hypnotist. She created and runs a lucrative business from conquering areas of her own mind that she previously feared: a lust for control, and the desire to dominate. For 5 years she meditated 3 hours a day while committing to a vow of chastity, no alcohol, no meat, and no eggs. Once she took her first class with Access Consciousness™, the spiritual world she had been fighting to attain became her everyday life. She found that pushing away desires was not the key to enlightenment, and it that was no way to truly live. Her wild success blossomed not from trying to fit into the industry standards of a “dominatrix”, but from exploring what would be fun for her.

“Some people love power struggles. What they are looking for is for you to resist and react to what they are presenting. The biggest domination is to have ‘no point of view’ which allows the space and mental clarity to know just what to say and do to out-dominate the aggressor.”

Self-taught and self-motivated, Georgia is now offering the techniques she uses in her business in classes and private sessions to empower those at the effect of dominating forces in their lives, be it in relationships, business, or family. Her mission is to spread these tools worldwide so that no one ever has to be the victim of a dominator, an abuser, or a bully ever again.