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Doing Business As A Single Mum

September 4, 2017

Aired Monday, 4 September 2017, 4:00 PM ET

Doing Business As A Single Mum

What if let you your kids contribute to your business rather than use them as an excuse not to create? What this would contribute to your business? What if choosing for you and creating your life will opens up for your children to make choices that work for them? Join Katarina Nilsson and Francesca Fiorentini share their experience doing business as a single Mum.

Guest Bios:

Katarina Nilsson is an entrepreneur with 15 years’ experience as a naming expert and strategist. She’s also an artist and certified Joy of Business facilitator.

Through her brand naming business, Eqvarium, she has helped create names for some of the world’s most recognisable brands such as Sony Ericsson, H&M, Toyota, Electrolux and BabyBjörn.

A renowned expert in naming strategy, Katarina has been a keynote speaker at universities and organisations around Europe. She has a Master of Arts degree, has studied Branding and International Property Law and speaks several languages fluently, including Swedish, English, Spanish and German.

A passionate change agent, Katarina draws upon the tools and teachings of Access Consciousness™ and Joy of Business to support positive change for individuals and groups, whether it be expanding a business, unlocking creativity, inviting play and lightness into life or making changes for the better in the body. She is one of the authors of “Creating Business Beyond this Reality” that will be launched shortly.

Working with the Access Consciousness and Joy of Business team for Francesca is about creating more happiness in the world of business. She would love to show more people that by being them they can create a totally different reality – with the tools of Access Consciousness® it’s easy to create a different financial reality too!

Acknowledging the joy and brilliance Francesca has in business has been a fun and ongoing journey that never stops – what Francesca now knows is that it isn’t about the skills or details – it’s about who you are. Now Francesca travels all around the world for business and Access Consciousness® exploring different cultures, countries and businesses. You can see her upcoming classes, and world adventures at: