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Does Goal (target) Setting Elude You?

October 16, 2018

Aired Tuesday, 16 October 2018, 6:00 PM EST

Does Goal (target) Setting Elude You?

Do you avoid setting targets -or only ask for what you think you can get – because you don’t want to be disappointed? We know the feeling of being disappointed by not reaching our goals and feeling, “I worked so hard for this & it still didn’t work out!”

Or, like many people, if you have a lot of different interests, it can be easy to head in one direction, and then change before you get what you want. (Done that too.)

What if there were an easier way?

See, for most people there are a lot of conclusions attached to goals, rather than awareness. When conclusions are in the way, they not only keep us from clarity on our next steps, they can also keep us working toward a goal that doesn’t even truly align with our desires. Let’s examine goal and target setting and find a way to make it work better. Send Betsy & Kathy your questions to: