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Digital Detox Done Different

December 17, 2018

Aired Monday, 17 December 2018, 4:00 PM ET

Digital Detox Done Different

Love it or hate it, it’s hard to avoid social media. It’s everywhere! Melanie Meade, JCF & social media geek talks about a different type of digital detox – demystifying all the ways people use social media against them and creating a toxic relationship with it that doesn’t allow you to use it to your advantage. Get out of overwhelm and get right down to the basics to use social to grow your business and spread your message.

About the Host:

Melanie Meade is a social media and creation enthusiast, a Joy of Business Facilitator, an Access Consciousness Certified Facilitator and a not-so-hidden creative genius.

Self taught — and in a short time — she created a thriving and ever expanding business working in social media marketing and content creation using the tools of Access Consciousness. She is sought for her innovative insights and has a natural skill for capturing people’s brilliance! You can find her at:

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