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Dena Breslin and Pamela Nebeker - Connection and Self-Love

March 11, 2019

Dena Breslin and Pamela Nebeker – Connection and Self-Love

Aired Monday, 11 March 2019, 12:00 PM EST / 9:00 AM PST

Rise. Amazing Woman. Rise.

Interview Series Week 2

We continue with Connection and Self Love which are the next 2 of the 8 Essential Powers of the feminine heart that are the future of success in leadership.

Through these Author’s writings we will see how the qualities of the feminine heart manifests these particular essential powers. Experience unforgettable lessons from inspired mentors that will motivate you to liberate your own hidden capacities, deepen the clarity of your inner voice, and fulfill your highest destiny.

*First half of the show we welcome Dena Breslin

The Essential Power of Connection

“Collectively we as women are experiencing an epidemic of disconnection right now. Disconnection to ourselves, our physiology, our hearts, our deepest drives, our needs.” Dena Breslin

Dena Breslin, MS PAS, CTCAA, CHPC, holds 25-years of experience in sales, marketing, leadership, and success coaching. A former physician assistant, Dena is still a passionate advocate for holistic and integrated health and wellness. Since 2009, she’s been a top leader and founding member of Touchstone Crystal, by Swarovski, the at-home jewelry division of Swarovski, US. Dena is certified by 3 coach schools, including High-Performance Coaching as taught by esteemed leadership mentor, Brendon Burchard. Her practice incorporates one-on-one coaching, small business, and executive coaching. She is a single mother of three amazing teens, whom she says are truly her best teachers. Learn more about Dena Breslin and her work by visiting: and

The Essential Power of Self-Love

“There are times in our lives where a revolution of the soul brings the revelations needed to guide us back to self-love. A revolution of the soul can look like a crisis: the end of a marriage, the death of a child or partner, or even life-threatening illness. Our soul is calling us to awaken. And so, it begins one revelation at a time. Beginning with one act of self-love at a time, line upon line, at every age, though the beauty of self-love we begin to rise.” Pamela Nebeker

Pamela Nebeker is a Lover of Beauty and a Seeker of Truth. As a Podcaster, Speaker, and Author, she teaches the power of embracing life at every age. Pamela is changing the way we think about growing older. She is the creator of The Art of Age Now, a movement that inspires women to be their best, every decade of their lives. She is married to the man of her dreams and lives in Los Angeles, California. She has eight grown children and five beautiful grandchildren. Pamela invites you to join her on this courageous journey of aging into the beauty of who we truly are. and

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