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Deconstructing Parenthood, Reconstructing Relationships with Our Children

November 19, 2015

Deconstructing Parenthood, Reconstructing Relationships with Our Children with Suzi Lula

Aired Thursday, 19 November 2015, 7:00 PM ET

As parents, we all want to be inspired, conscious, patient, and supportive. But while most of us can be some these things some of the time, it’s getting harder and harder to be all these things all of the time. The fact is more parents are feeling exhausted and disconnected from their kids than ever before. Why? Parenting today really isn’t the same as it was for our parents and grandparents. We live in a different time, and in a vastly different society where the expectations, stresses, and distractions for both parents and children are greater than they have ever been. If you’re looking for answers to ending conflict at home, and tips, tools and strategies to discipline consciously, communicate effectively, and transform your relationship with your children forever, join Suzi Lula and Sandie for this lively, informative, and empowering edition of the Inspired Parenting Radio Show.

About the Guest Suzi Lula

SUZI LULA M.A., A.L.S.P., is Redefining Motherhood as an Evolutionary Path. A sought-after Spiritual Teacher and Facilitator who is an expert in the field of human transformation, Suzi combines her innovative teachings over her 18 years in private practice, along with her masters degree training in spiritual psychology, Suzi is transforming the way people think about motherhood. Known as a visionary leader, Suzi challenges conventional wisdom that says mothers must sacrifice and martyr themselves to be good mothers and instead, guides them to the realization that when they flourish, their children will flourish as well. Thus, Suzi is redefining Motherhood as an Evolutionary Path. Her unique approach has led Suzi to be featured on The Today Show with Michael Bernard Beckwith on a piece highlighting Spirituality and the family, as well as alongside best-selling authors Dr. Shefali Tsabary (The Conscious Parent) and Neale Donald Walsch this Dec. 2015 at the first Conscious Parenting Intensive to be held in Los Angeles.