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Danielle Turco - One Woman’s Winning Battle with Lupus

June 19, 2020

Danielle Turco – One Woman’s Winning Battle with Lupus

Aired Friday, June 19, 2020 at 4:00 PM PST / 7:00 PM EST

Our guest, Danielle Turco, is a Certified Health and Life Coach and YTT 200 Yoga Instructor. She was diagnosed with Lupus 20 years ago. For years, she tried every holistic treatment she could get my hands on. She did her best to get through the days and often suffered silently. In August of 2017, she had the ‘mother-of-all-flares.” After much research and trial and error, she found her diet held the answers. She removed all inflammatory foods, and within a few weeks, she says she “felt amazing, and my energy level was through the roof.” Now, two years later, her lupus is in remission. In this episode, she shares
• What Lupus is
• Why autoimmune diseases come in clusters
• Yoga and autoimmune
• Living with the Keto and API diet and inflammatory foods
• How to be successful with an elimination diet, plus much more….

Danielle also shares, “I have no symptoms, and blood work shows no inflammatory markers. My doctor cannot confirm or deny that this way of life has anything to do with my remission but told me not to change anything. I feel absolutely fabulous, and I am very healthy. My cholesterol and blood pressure are perfect! I now ‘function’ like a normal person.’ Her desire to help people gain back control of their health and happiness shine through our interview.

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