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Creating Your Own Financial Reality

August 3, 2015

Aired Monday, 3 August 2015, 4:00 PM ET

Join Simone Milasas, author of Joy of Business, business mentor & international speaker, as she speaks with Gary Douglas, the creator of Access Consciousness, best-selling author, international speaker and a sought-after facilitator of consciousness and change. Gary has gone from bankruptcy multiple times in his life to creating a greater and greater financial reality every time. Gary always knew something more was possible not only with finances, but in this entire reality. Along the way he uncovered a new way forward – one that would create change in the world and in people’s lives. He discovered that magic is all around us; it’s something we create – its consciousness. He recognized that the capacity to be more aware and more conscious was every person’s gift if they were willing to choose it. Are you ready to have more magic and consciousness show up in your money flows and finances?

What is your financial reality? Are you aware of what you create and what you don’t create? Or do you judge you, your business and your finances out of existence?

What if something else is possible? What if regardless of your current financial reality or the one you grew up in, you could clear the limitations you think you have, be (calmly) present with your finances and choose to create a financial reality that works well for you?

Sound different? What if you could be your own source of change and possibilities? Let’s begin with some dynamic, pragmatic and fun steps for creating your own financial reality!

About Guest Gary Douglas

Gary Douglas is known for his intensity of awareness and his incredible capacity to facilitate people to ‘know what they know’. He chooses to embody consciousness in everything that he does which inspires others to choose to become more conscious as a result.

Gary has become an internationally recognized thought leader in transforming lives and creating different choices – willing to empower people to see different possibilities and to recognize what is truly possible for them. Gary is acknowledged worldwide for his unique perspectives on personal transformation that is unlike anything else in the world. Through his writing and workshops, he gifts processes and tools that bring within reach the ease, joy and glory of life, and the magic of happiness that expand into more awareness, joy and abundance. His simple yet profound teachings have already facilitated countless people throughout the world to ‘know what they know’ and to realize what they can choose that they never realised they could choose.

After recognising that greater consciousness in people can change the direction of their lives and the future of the planet, the creation and expansion of Access Consciousness by Gary has been primarily driven by a single question, “What can I do to help the world?”