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Create Your Life and Your Business Anywhere You Choose

April 13, 2015

Join Simone Milasas, author of Joy of Business, business mentor & international speaker, as she speaks with Kass Thomas, Certified Access Consciousness Facilitator and a walking talking demonstration of how to communicate with ease with yourself, others, your body, your business and the world at large.

Aired Monday, 13 April 2015, 4:00 PM ET

Kass Thomas has been travelling and living around the world for 10 years facilitating workshops and individuals with her talents in communication and beyond. She has used her gifts and capacities to her advantage to create a global business that goes with her anywhere she chooses. What if you could do business from anywhere? Where would you choose? What would you create? Gather tips and tools from two brilliant global business women, Simone Milasas and Kass Thomas.

About Guest Kass Thomas

Kass Thomas has been travelling around the world for ten years doing workshops and facilitating groups and individuals. She has realized that her ability to communicate with people goes beyond the norm, it’s a talent. A talent that has allowed her to travel with a growing sense of hope for what is truly possible when someone demands a change in their life and has the courage to follow it through.

Kass worked for years for multinational companies in New York City, started her own theatre there and years later a film production company of her own in Italy.

You can learn more about Kass at: