Create An Undoubtedly Awesome Future with Anne Tucker

March 23, 2017

Aired Thursday, 23 March 2017, 2:00 PM ET

Create An Undoubtedly Awesome Future with Anne Tucker

Are you curious about your personal decision-making style? Do you find yourself often paralyzed by doubt when faced with making a decision for yourself and your future? Or, are you quick to decide and then consider the cost later?

If you answered YES to any of the above questions, then this show most definitely will empower your ability to make undoubtedly awesome decisions by learning which of the seven, decision-making “Soul Types” best define how you think, problem solve, and decide what to experience in your future tomorrows.

Join Sylva and her personal friend and author, Anne Tucker, as they discuss how to connect the dots between yourself and what will surely become your “Undoubtedly Awesome” future.

About the Guest: Anne Tucker

Anne Tucker is an effective and recognized speaker who has addressed audiences around the world on the topics of leadership, personal transformation, decision making, and the psychology of doubt. She is the founder of Wisdom Soup, an online social learning community that speeds up serendipity by connecting people with similar interests in spirituality and personal growth. And, the author of her brand new book, Undoubtedly Awesome: Your Own Personal Roadmap From Doubt To Flow.

Decision making has been the ongoing focus of Anne’s 20-year career, during which she has worked with some of the most influential business leaders of our time.

Anne Tucker developed her methodology for understanding decision making by soul type during her years as the co-founder of Grey Matter Partners, a leadership development firm based in Seattle, Washington, where she worked with senior executives and others, teaching a coaching process that one client referred to as his “awakening.”

Anne’s clients are able to reduce ambiguity for themselves and their organizations, see their strengths and opportunities with more clarity, and move forward on an ever more clear path to achieving their goals.

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