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Conversations on the Brink with Sarah Nash

February 17, 2016

Aired Wednesday, 17 February 2016, 12:00 PM ET

Politics, disclosure, consciousness, nothing is off the table in this candid conversation with the Blue Collar Goddess, Sarah Nash. We are a world on the brink and where we end up is anyone’s guess. We can be conscious and deliberate and reform our world. Or we can turn a blind eye and eventually self destruct. It is our choice. Join us for a spirit infused view of world affairs with special co-host, Sarah Nash.

About the Co-Host Sarah Nash

Host and Blue Collar Goddess of Radio Nahmaste, Sarah Nash is also founder and co-facilitator of the White Light Express and creator of Cosmic Triage™ — a revolutionary new healing modality for the mind and spirit. Editor and producer for 7 years of “The Hiss Quarterly,” an award-winning magazine that later merged with “The View From Here,” her passion and dedication for authentic healing motivated her to explore alternative therapeutic methods, overcoming her original desire to become an adolescent criminal psychologist.

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