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Clare Goldsberry - The Illusion of Life and Death

November 17, 2021

Clare Goldsberry – The Illusion of Life and Death

Air Date: Wednesday, 17 November 2021 at 4:00 PM ET/1:00 PM ET

Clare Goldsberry’s latest book, The Illusion of Life and Death: Mind, Consciousness and Eternal Being helps readers understand, “The end of this lifetime is as important and miraculous as the beginning. It truly a time to celebrate the life—and the death—of the person.” Sharing the wisdom and knowledge of the ancient sages, spiritual teachers like the Buddha. Drawing from her insights as a Buddhist practitioner, her studies of Christianity, Ageless Wisdom, Hinduism, and her partner’s cancer journey, she provides a profound view of living and dying as seen through the ages by those who have sought answers regarding the most mysterious aspect of life.

Arranged in four sections: What is Life; Illness, Old Age, and Death; Looking Deeper Into Death; and finally, What Happens After Death, The Illusion of Life and Death covers topics such as karma and reincarnation, suffering, living consciously, understanding consciousness and reality, the mind, learning to embrace what is, nonattachment vs. detachment, the business of illness and the cost of keeping us alive, as well as dying with grace and dignity, and suicide.

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