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Bringing Sex Positivity to Poland by Dr. Agata Loewe

December 10, 2015

Aired Thursday, 10 December 2015, 4:00 PM ET

Agata Loewe is a founder of Sex Positive Institute in Poland, which is an international institution. Her goal is to create a safe space where sex can be learnt and experienced in a safe, consensual, responsible and conscious way. Agata tries to incorporate all kind of sex teachings under one big multidisciplinary umbrella of sexology. Space, where tantra practitioners can meet with BDSM and kink communities or LGBTQIA and polyamorous constellations. We exchange experiences between professionals and enthusiasts of sex who didn’t get the formal sex ed. This initiative is quite unusual for Europe and especially predominantly Christian Catholic Poland.

About the Guest Dr. Agata Loewe

Agata Loewe is clinical cross-cultural psychologist, systemic family psychotherapist and PhD in Human Sexuality. She is a founder of Sex Positive Institute in Poland, sex positive activist, advocate and educator.

For last 7 years she has worked in NGOs dealing with creating equal opportunities for gender and sexual diversities representants, people at risk of social exclusion and the promotion of mental, physical, sexual and reproductive health (KPH, Ponton, IGLYO, Trans-fuzja, YouAct). Her specialty is consciousness raising and expertise in GSD, gender and sexual diversities.

She is a member of the advisory of scientific council of scientific for MSM at the National Centre for AIDS.

She conducts and organises international workshops and trainings:
* for professionals in the fields of help (students and graduates of psychology, education, sexology, coaching, coaching studies, etc.)
* for enthusiasts of self-discovery and work on their own sexuality.
* specialist courses in sexuality for people working with human sexuality (SAR, Live Training, ASPEX).

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