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Bob Trask - Trust In The Divine and KNOW Our Loved Ones Are With Us

March 27, 2019

Bob Trask – Trust In The Divine and KNOW Our Loved Ones Are With Us

Aired Wednesday, 27 March 2019 at 4:00 PM EST / 1:00 PM PST

Listen to Cynthia Rose as she speaks with heart centered Bob Trask. He will share real life stories of learning to trust and his experience of a reading with Cynthia Rose at Unity of Bellingham Church.

Stand in your Sunlight for the last show (On Hiatus at this time).

About the Guest: Bob Trask

A life of adventure:

As a boy, living among the Indians of New Mexico, Bob learned early to follow the old ways of the Navajos and Pueblos. Their teaching about how Great Spirit moves in all things eventually helped him survive poverty, street gangs of housing projects and the fists of his drunken stepfather. His understanding of that truth galvanized in him the clarity, courage and confidence to become efficient in the uplifting and enriching of lives around the world. Bob Trask’s life has been one of constant adventure, accomplishment and self-discovery. His multiple careers, starting at age 12 have each taught and molded his thinking.

In 1976, as a Master Sea Captain, he brought his vessel and passengers safely through a deadly hurricane and this event became a catalyst in discovering his life’s purpose in helping uplift and enrich the lives of others through their understanding of their spiritual power.

In 1979 Bob created the non-profit ARAS Foundation. Under that umbrella he, his wife Mary Trask and their team have fed and clothed thousands of poor and homeless families, sent more than 6000 bicycles to African villages and regularly support orphanages, children’s hospitals and other excellent organizations.

Bob Trask has four successful books: Living Free in English, Spanish and Portuguese; God’s Phone Number in English and Portuguese, Romancing the Soul in Japanese and English and Tulipp The Layman’s Guide to Emergency Medical Rescue in English. And ready for publication are three new works: the children’s series: Tales from the Great Meadow, the instructive: The Be, Do, Have Triangle, and the novel: Night Lady.

To date, Bob has designed and taught personal success programs to hundreds of thousands in thirteen countries and now brings his expertise and experience to his role as minister of Unity Spiritual Center.