Being The Master of Your Own Energy

November 10, 2017

Aired Friday, 10 November 2017, 7:00 PM ET

Being The Master of Your Own Energy

The Autoimmune Hour welcomes Master Teresa Yeung, an internationally recognized Master of Chi Gong to tell us how we can use our ‘life-energy’ for better health. Chi Gong is an umbrella term that covers a variety of energy-based healing practices based on Taoist philosophy and principles of Chinese medical, and belief that the human body contains a network of energy pathways through which ‘vital’ energy, called ‘Qi’ circulates.

In Master Teresa’s new book, ‘Unlocking Your Happiness Within” – Living the Life You Choose with Chi Gong,’ she helps people to release and recover from low vibration emotions that cause sadness, which may eventually lead to physical pain or illness. Through the use of specific Chi Gong breathing exercises, she has developed the “Heart Chi Gong” form to help balance traumatic or trapped emotions.

Master Teresa Yeung is the founder of The Seventh Happiness School of Chi Gong, a certified private institution, and the sole successor of Grandmaster Weizhao Wu’s lineage. Wu was a distinguished Chi Gong master, educator and creator of the highly successful Wu’s Eye Qi Gong helped millions of people. She is also approved by the National Certification Commission for Acupuncturists and Oriental Medicine (NCCAOM), as a continuing education professional development activity (PDA) provider. Learn more about Master Teresa Yeung and The Seventh Happiness® School of Chi Gong at:

While Western research concerning Chi Gong’s efficacy in healing remains inconclusive, in this episode we explore the possibilities of improved health by changing our way of being in the world, and you are invited to explore this intriguing topic with us Friday, November 10th, at 7PM ET.