Being Paid For Who You Are

April 19, 2018

Aired Thursday, 19 April 2018, 1:00 – 3:00 PM EST

Being Paid For Who You Are

On this week’s show, we talk about how we can continue to deepen our human relationships through infinite collaboration, increasing our quality of listening and by eliminating the thought viruses that harm our ability to access true abundance.

Kimchi Moyer will also share her thrilling healing experience from her recent trip to Jordan where she discovered the many transcending qualities of this magical land.


Glenn Brooks, Host.
Dr. Kimchi Moyer,
Kelly Martinsen,
Kai Cole,

Kimchi Moyer, Resopath. Resopathy is a health modality, rooted in over 25 years of meticulous research by Kimchi Moyer, L.Ac., using both resonance and biofeedback technologies to decode the language of the body. Known as an expert “detective” in the health field, Kimchi has developed a unique protocol allowing her to identify the root causes of various health issues, and to pinpoint the tools that will best aid the body in restoring itself back to optimum health.

Kelly Martinsen – As a publisher, mom, wife, laid off pharmaceutical executive, friend, sister, PTA drop out (don’t worry she’s back in!), SUP surfer, daughter, green smoothie drink maker, closet sugar addict and basic “everyman”, Martinsen uses her life roles to share what it means to live inspired. The title of the book is “A Year of Inspired Living.” Have you always wanted to be a writer? Maybe. Maybe not. Regardless, a new take within the field of self help books, AYOIL takes a different approach at the age old search for inspiration and challenges the readers to find it within themselves to write THEIR OWN self help book. Because self help begins with self.

Kai Cole – Tribe Architect & Executive Producer. Tribe Architecture represents the cross-section of cultural engineering and marketing/PR. Kai was traditionally trained as an Architect and later translated her skills to become a Celebrity Publicist at a prominent firm in NYC. Currently, Kai has been laser-focused on building sustainable social constructs to spread the message of conscious healing across the globe.