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Being in the Infinite Mind Together and Visionary Farming

August 8, 2019

Being in the Infinite Mind Together and Visionary Farming

Aired Thursday, 8 August 2019, 1:00 – 3:00 PM EST

Part 1 – Being in the Infinite Mind Together

Today we explore what it means to be in the infinite mind together. We are going to delve into the practices and awarenesses that allow us to blossom. Being part of a team, coherence, sharing wonderment and specific practices are just a few of the aspects of being in the Infinite Mind that we will be discussing. When we allow ourselves to be in the Infinite Mind together we can transform our nervous system, brain and open new doorways that allow us to go to the next level.

Dog mystic, Cherie Marquez, will be sharing how do you use intuitive recognition to find the dog that is right for you. Cherie will be discussing how to open yourself to your dog’s sixth sense to form a deep relationship with your dog. Dogs are able to pick up on energy much quicker than we can so grow your awareness through your dog you will discover a deeper sense of self that you never imagined could be possible.

Dr. Gayle Randall and Dr. Gloria Kaye will be sharing their wisdom on tapping into your own healing potential. We invite you to be a part of an experiential journey with Dr. Gloria Kaye as we delve deeper into the series of Manifesting the Miraculous.

Part 2 – Visionary Farming with Timothy Kercheville

Dr. Nicholas Gonzalez sonce said the food world is riddled with silly rules, regulations and beliefs. If we go beyond beliefs and understand that food is our on-going medicine not just for our bodies but for our sense of inspiration and wonder. Timothy is professional farmer/consultant and visionary who has been able to transform the soil so that people can thrive. The big view of food as medicine is about discovering both urban and rural cooperative, regenerative, agricultural solutions. We invite you to share in the conversation about why biodiversity, permaculture, agroecology and quality food production matters to us all.

• Glenn Brooks, Host
• Cherie Marquez,
• Dr. Gayle Randall,
• Dr. Gloria Kaye,
• Timothy Kercheville,
• Janet Carafa,
• Lisa LeRose, Executive Producer

Cherie Marquez, the owner of Smart Paws Dog Training, will be sharing her insights about what your dog’s behavior tell you about you. She will discuss why your dog is tuned into you, your behavior and your assumptions. Cherie will share how to read your dog’s signals and why truly tuning into your dog will allow for deep bonding and a profound understanding that brings dog medicine into your home.

Gayle Madeleine Randall, MD, has over forty years of direct experience as a physician, scientist, cross-cultural practitioner, administrator and writer to her endeavors. Dr. Randall is a pioneer in the Integrative Medicine discipline. By combining different cultural healing experiences and putting the focus on the patient, Dr. Randall creatively formed a type of focus that looks at the relationship of physical, spiritual, mental, and emotional health of the patient. She named this practice Integrative Medicine. Her medical journey has taken her to new heights, helping every patient that walks through her doors. Dr. Randall has conducted lectures, workshops and seminars on Mind-Body Medicine throughout the world. he brings together the entirety of her experience, and intrinsic knowledge of the human body, heart and soul, to break new ground in holistic medicine, self-healing and the highest limits of human potential.

Dr. Gloria Kaye is a woman with a mission. Dedicated to enlightening the public about energetic healing, Dr. Kaye believes that her treatments effectively complement both alternative and medical models of treatment. Many of her clients seek her help after having tried other forms of treatment without success. Dr. Kaye uses a unique system to reduce pain and injury. In an hour-long session, areas of distress and imbalance are addressed. Clients may experience a sensation of heat, cold, tingling and a deep sense of relaxation. Clients worldwide have experienced her profound healing talents.

Dr. Gloria Kaye demonstrates live healing:

Timothy Kercheville is a professional farmer/consultant discovering cooperative, regenerative, agricultural solutions, both urban and rural. In addition to Timothy’s work in agroecology he is a writer, photographer and activator.

Janet Carafa is a mime artist based in New York City. Janet studied intensively with Marcel Marceau for 12 years and performed as lead company member of the American Mime Theatre directed by Paul J. Curtis. Janet is founder, owner and artistic director of NY Entertainment Connection. She is a certified Bikram Yoga instructor and teaches in NYC and Kauai, Hawaii. She owns Hot Yoga Princeville and has been teaching full classes and private sessions in both Kauai and in NYC since 2006. Janet is author of the “Yoga of Mime – Touching the Invisible”.