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Becoming an Author - Breaking Into The Speaking Business

August 30, 2016

Aired Tuesday, 30 August 2016, 7:00 PM ET

George Carroll is a Motivational Speaker, Corporate Trainer, Seminar Leader, Business Strategist and Author. George has trained for organizations such as Capital One, American Family Insurance, Colorado Association of Realtors, and Lawyers with Purpose.

George spent many of his years chasing his dreams of becoming a professional football player, until he shattered his leg and ankle during his senior season at the University of Northern Colorado, leaving him depressed and hopeless.

With a Communication degree, George moved to Denver, CO and excelled in corporate sales and management. He fell in love with teaching, training and developing people, but he was left unfulfilled working for companies that lacked integrity. He resigned from a comfortable 6-figure salary knowing something greater was possible.

Learning from his own transformational experiences and developing a passion for leading, training and developing people, George started a speaking, training and coaching business that began as a small 1-on-1 coaching practice. He now has clients and customers all over the world and develops programs, products and services for various audiences on various topics.

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