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Be a Good in the World with Brenda Knight

June 14, 2015

Aired Sunday, 14 June 2015, 9:00 PM ET

Have you noticed how wonderful you feel after you have shown kindness to someone or when you have created something good in the life of another?

The value of knowing that you have improved someone’s life in a positive way with your goodness and kindness creates an inner wealth within that far exceeds material gain.

What if you could plant a seed of kindness and goodness each and every day?

Brenda Knight, one of the co-creators of the Random Acts of Kindness movement will be joining Sylvia to discuss her newest book, Be a Good in the World: 365 Days of Good Deeds, Inspired Ideas and Acts of Kindness.

Whether you are young or old, rich or poor, there is always a way for you to Be a Good in the World.

Today’s show will offer fun, creative, big, bold and beautiful ideas that you can use to express your kindness and goodness each and every day of the year.

About Guest Brenda Knight

Brenda Knight is a living example of how effortless it can be, and how anyone—whether they’re five years old or 105—can Be a Good in the World, one kindness at a time.

Brenda grew up on a farm in Point Pleasant, West Virginia, and learned how to appreciate life from her mother, Helen. After a brief career as a high-school English teacher, she began her publishing career at HarperCollins.

As a publisher, editor, and author, Brenda writes about women’s history and issues affecting women’s lives today, and was named INDIEFAB’s 2013 Publisher of the Year.

Brenda has authored The Grateful Table, Sheroes, The Poetry Oracle, Wild Women and Books, and the American Book Award-winning Women of the Beat Generation.

Her newest book, Be a Good In the World: 365 Days of Good Deeds, Inspired Ideas and Acts of Kindness, allows it’s readers to plant a seed of kindness every day.

Practicing what she preaches, Brenda does volunteer work with women newly diagnosed with breast cancer. Brenda lives in the California in the San Francisco Bay Area.

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