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Bad Relationships

September 17, 2015

Aired Thursday, 17 September 2015, 10:00 PM ET

In this show Katrina will share with you powerful; yet easy life changing strategies to clear away toxic people from your life and restore balance and peace.

It is easy to find yourself in a relationship that feels uncomfortable, uneasy or even completely abusive. None of us set out to get hurt by our family, friends, partners or work colleagues. So when we do it can be quite a shock and then we can feel embarrassed to find ourselves in such a tricky relationship.

There are keys signs that exist that will alert you to when a relationship is becoming unhealthy. And there are key steps you can take to restore your life to a place of healthier, better relationships.

Telling you to leave, or stop being friends or walk away from your family are suggestions that you may hear from others in your life; sometimes even your therapist or coach will say that to you. But this is not really helpful advice is it. Because if you felt like you could leave then you would have? Yes?

On today’s show Katrina Cavanough will be exploring with you the important topic of Bad Relationships. How do we find ourselves in them? What was it that led you to be treated this way? What can you do now to prevent yourself finding your way into a similar relationship in the future?

Katrina Cavanough has been working in the area of relationships – love, family, friends and work colleagues – for the past 22 years. Now both as therapist and coach Katrina helps many of her clients understand why they may find themselves being hurt by other people. And why does the same dynamic seem to happen over and over again.

We all know that our relationships can have a direct impact upon how we feel. When we understand the mind work of releasing ourselves form unhealthy relationships; we can do the energetic work to create the relationships we want to experience.

We can shift the vibes of a current relationship or engineer more positive, healthy and happy relationships.

Join Katrina Cavanough as she takes you through a process step by step to unpack the WHY and then find the HOW to create relationships that allow you to really thrive and enjoy your life with emotional freedom.

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