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Are You the Reflection or the Light

December 29, 2020

Are You the Reflection or the Light

Air Date: 29 December 2020 at 1:00 PM ET/10:00 AM PT

Are you the reflection or the light? The answer is both!

You ARE the light but the reflection of light is also you.

Let me give an example. When you stand in front of a mirror is the reflection in the mirror you?

Well… yes it is. But… no it isn’t.

It is me, a likeness of me, a reflection of me and so it IS me but also ISN’T me.

In that simple everyday example, the whole mystery of non-duality is revealed as well as the mystery of how two could be one.

One in essence but two in reflection.

Every single thing you see, in the entire universe, is but the light reflecting off of it. We never see anything other than light, the oneness of light. And yet, that one light appears as the illimitable forms we call the universe.

But this is not mere philosophy. it is highly practical. Why? Because the quality of the image we hold of ourselves is what will mold all our perceptions.

Those perception literally create all experience and so your self-image is being constantly reflected back to you as what you call your life.

In this week’s “Flow of Enlightenment” show entitled “Are You the Reflection or the Light?” we will be taking on one of the least understood mysteries of non-dual spirituality, the oneness of the seer and the seen.

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