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Are You Planning For Profit?

August 28, 2017

Aired Monday, 28 August 2017, 4:00 PM ET

Are You Planning For Profit?

Are you planning for profitability in your business – or just to get your expenses and bills covered? So many people are so busy hoping to survive and meet their expenses, that profit rarely comes into the equation. How much are you operating from the ‘need’ of money and profit in your business vs. knowing that you have money in your life and that you can continue to create and generate more of it to create your living?

About the Guest: Kerry Garner Venter

Kerry Garner Venter is a business and leadership mentor, life coach and certified Joy of Business facilitator.

Kerry earned her degree in Psychology and Human Energy Systems at Tuscon, Arizona, and then embarked on decades’ long research into psychology, consciousness, and subtle energy.

She later began her a successful career as an executive coach and consultant, covering a diverse portfolio such as leadership, team optimisation, culture transformation and learning and development.

A near death experience as a child forever changed Kerry’s views on human potential and led to her profound insights into the mind and the constraints of perceived limitation.

As a facilitator of Joy of Business, she now travels the world leading business classes and retreats, assisting and business and team leaders to transcend the limitations of conventional thought and traditional business practise.