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An Interview with Dr. Laura Tadd, Professional Astrologer and Author

July 16, 2018

Aired Monday, 16 July 2018, 9:00 PM ET

An Interview with Dr. Laura Tadd, Professional Astrologer and Author

As a social scientist and internationally known astrologer, Dr. Laura Tadd has found an astrological perspective to be unparalleled when it comes to helping us heal from the past, access our potential and lead deeply fulfilling lives. One of her arias of greatest focus is the parent and child relationship. She is currently working on a book expanding on her e-book – Stellar Parenting: Enriching the Parent and Child Relationship – found on her website

The parent-child relationship is profoundly nuanced. Consequently, any attempt at a universal parenting theory is doomed to fail. It is not that parenting is without constants. All children need love, and research has shown the importance of physical affection; even the youngest of children need touch to thrive. But, if we hope to raise freethinking individuals who flourish in ways unique to them, we must tailor how they are parented.

The addition of an astrological view helps a parent understand their child and their relationship with them. It illuminates there are points of ease; where they push their child’s buttons and where their child pushes theirs. Likewise, astrology can aid a parent in mundane things, like individualizing study habits, as well as more complex challenges such as bullying on the playground.

Families operate in a systemic way, and when one member changes the whole family is impacted. Applying an astrological perspective, not only deepens one’s understanding of their child and their relationship with them, but it is also an unparalleled tool for adults to understand, improve and heal their relationship with their family of origin.