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Aliens at My Fingertips || Sayward Ayre

March 12, 2015

Aired Thursday, 12 March 2015, 3:00 PM ET

While many people accept paranormal occurrences, such as hearing a departed loved one’s voice or seeing their ghost, as within the realm of possibility, the numbers of people who accept the idea of Extraterrestrials from Outer Space either visiting or living on this planet are much fewer. Sayward has seen them, has delved into mounds of reliable research conducted on this topic, and now recognizing that these events were not just figments of an overactive imagination, she has come forth with her own experiences in Aliens at My Fingertips! Real Meetings with Strange Beings. Drawing on incredible amounts of convincing data, Sayward presents a different look at how life may have developed on planet Earth, and postulates that the ‘Creators’ may still be overseeing their Garden of Eden.

About Guest Sayward Ayre

Ms. Ayre has written a series of books on her strange and personal paranormal experiences that she calls the True Encounters series. While she’s had many adventures in her extensive travels both in the U.S. and other countries, she rarely relayed these unusual events due to concerns of being discredited or delusional. She does not perceive herself as ‘woo-woo’ at all, as her educational degrees indicate. She holds an Associate of Arts degree in Journalism with an emphasis in Marine and Field Biology, a Bachelor of Arts degree in Anthropology/Archaeology with an emphasis in Film, a Masters in Environmental Studies degree, and a degree in Naturopathy.

She has recently been interviewed on a number of BBS Internet Talk Radio Shows, including Temple of Health, Spirit Network Radio, Clear Conscience Pet Talk, Smart Animal Talk, and the Bob Charles Radio Show.