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Acknowledge Your True Self

June 25, 2020

Acknowledge Your True Self rather than the Self You Show to Other People

Aired Thursday, June 25, 2020 at 1:00 PM PST / 4:00 PM EST

Allowing yourself to be vulnerable, you move beyond the realm of your senses and begin to introduce yourself to the universal consciousness that is the giver of your life. You develop a relationship with this greater intelligence, telling it who you have been and what you want to change about yourself and admitting what you have been hiding.

Owning up to who we really are and what our past mistakes have been and asking to be accepted are among the most challenging things for us to do as humans. Think of how you felt as a child when you had to “fess” up to your parents, a teacher, or a friend. Have those feelings of guilt, shame and anger changed now that you’re an adult? Most likely you still experience them, but maybe not as strongly. What makes achieving healing possible is knowing that we are admitting our faults and failures to a higher power and not to another similarly flawed human. As a result, when we admit to ourselves and to that power, there is

No punishment
No judgement
No manipulation
No emotional abandonment
No scorekeeping
No rejection
No loss of love
No damnation
No separation
No Banishment

All of which preceding acts are derived from the old paradigm of God, which has been shrunk to the likeness of an insecure man, right and wrong, positive and negative, success and failure, love and hate, heaven and hell, pain and pleasure and fear and more fear. This traditional model must be addressed, because one must enter this consciousness with a NEW consciousness

Pennie and Matthew will talk about their experiences of this enigma. We call it Innate Intelligence. Chi, Ki, Prana, the divine mind, spirit, the quantum, life force, infinite mind, the observer, universal intelligence, the quantum field, invisible power, mother-father God, cosmic energy or higher power. Regardless of the name you give it, you must see this energy as an unlimited source of power within you and around you, which you utilize and create from throughout your life. Join us and we will explore together.

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