A Peak Into 2018

December 11, 2017

Aired Monday, 11 December 2017, 9:00 PM ET

A Peak Into 2018

What do the planets have in store for us in 2018? Possibly the biggest astrological news of 2018 is likely to be the arrival of Uranus in Taurus, in May; the last time Taurus hosted Uranus was during the Great Depression, ahead of the Second World War in 1942.

The planet Uranus is often associated with rebellions and revolutions, earthquakes and volcanoes — anything that erupts with sudden, unpredictable force and changes life as we know it. But Uranus’s effects aren’t all disruptive; just most of them! This planet also rules original thought, unique inventions and improvements on tradition. Without its influence in our lives, we might never know the development of science, for example, or humanitarianism. Whether it happens in a constructive or a destructive way, Uranus promotes progress.

When Uranus is coupled with Taurus it will shake up our ideas of money, property, and values, possibly transforming these things, whether we want it or not.

On May 15th, Mars enters Aquarius as Uranus enters Taurus. This creates an immediate square between these two potentially volatile energies. On June 26th Mars goes retrograde and the world will have its collective finger on the self-destruct button. However, it could also be a time where people and communities cleanse themselves of their worst elements.

Venus goes retrograde at nearly 11 degrees Scorpio on October 5th, going back into Libra on October 31st and on through November, then goes direct again on November 16th. Venus Retrograde grounds us; it puts a damper on love and relationships, bringing those walking on clouds back down to Earth. With Venus Retrograde in Scorpio, we examine the relationships and aesthetics that we would normally hide from all but a select, trusted few…perhaps even ourselves.

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