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5 Secrets to Grow a Successful Spiritual Business

May 11, 2016

5 Secrets to Grow a Successful Spiritual Business - Lisa K.

Aired Wednesday, 11 May 2016, 4:00 PM ET

Lisa will show you the 5 key secrets on how to create and grow a successful spiritual business. Lisa also will go over the latest and greatest online actions to take and tools you can use to easily and grow your followers fast. Whether you have a business or just starting, learn how to create a booming spiritual business using proven strategies including Internet Marketing techniques that really work!

About Lisa K.

Lisa K. is a teacher, author and speaker teaching others how to develop their intuition through a global presence and in-person workshops. Starting her spiritual business in 2007, she nearly tripled her following in 2 years through social media and direct marketing. She teaches her business building techniques online, helping spiritual business entrepreneurs get their business started. As an author, Lisa’s work is frequently published in a variety of online magazines including The Huffinton Post and is a Featured Columnist for OmTimes Magazine. Findhorn Press published her latest book, “Grow Your Spiritual Business” co-authored with Cindy Griffith. Find out more about Lisa at: