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Barefoot Balance - Lisa Berry

Barefoot Balance - Lisa Berry

June 29, 2020

Barefoot Balance – Lisa Berry

Aired Monday, June 29, 2020 at 9:00 AM PST / 12:00 PM EST

Today you may find yourself in disbelief that something you do every day, you don’t really know how to do. Like standing, lime sitting properly, like walking.

Not only did I think I was doing these properly I thought they were just motions. I soon learned the hold the key to way more. During this episode I’ll be sharing from the newly released published chapter, Barefoot Balance – Getting a Grip on What Serves You, and discussing the BIG life lessons I personally learned from one single yoga session that would enhance my life forever! Join me and find out how a simple postural stance you can change your entire life.

Lessons Learned:

1. How we stand reflects how we are feeling in the moment.Our posture tells a story, a tale of attitude, beliefs, daily practices, and connections.
2. We can use our awareness of our physical presentation and use its power to remain in balance.
3. As we become clearer on what serves us, on what feels good and is effortless for our bodies, our goals become much easier to define as well as achieve.
4. To be outstanding we need to stand out by living with passion. Standing in a balanced and grounded manner supports our heart and promotes our breathing. It also keeps us stable and unshakable.

Mindset Tips:

1. Posture affects mindset and state. The world throws stuff at us all day long and self- correction is us choosing a better way.
2. Do regular posture checks, to empower, love, nurture, and motivate yourself.
3. Get back on track with your goals and/or get back into alignment with your beliefs, by adjusting your posture.
4. To restore energy and lift spirits: lift your head, so your chin is parallel to the ground, and look up.
5. To lessen stress and anxiety: drop your shoulders, breathe deeply and slowly.
6. To relieve overwhelm: tuck in your tush and tighten your abdominals to relieve low back pressure.

About Lisa Berry

Lisa Berry is an expert in breathing life into the dreams of authors who want to express their stories and messages vibrantly and energetically through being interviewed and interviewing. A #1 best-selling author, she is also a successful international radio show host and podcaster.

As a writer, Lisa draws on her own experience to create short stories that she offers up to her readers as “coachable moments” in the hopes of making an uplifting and life-affirming connection with them, whatever their circumstances.

As a host, she creates space for conscious conversations that are broadcasted globally, which promotes worldwide holistic happiness and connection. She also coaches other show hosts on how to deliver exceptional experiences to their audiences by helping them to produce individual podcast episodes as well as entire series.

Using wellness for all as her guiding star, Lisa’s life passion is to find, help, and connect with those who need and want to shine.

Lisa is honoured to announce that she is a founding Member, Board Of Director and Faculty of The International Academy Of Universal Self Mastery.

Connect with Lisa

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Proofread Your Perspective - Charise Morris

Proofread Your Perspective - Charise Morris

June 22, 2020

Proofread Your Perspective – Charise Morris

Aired Monday, June 22, 2020 at 9:00 AM PST / 12:00 PM EST

If you could rewrite your emotional history how would that change your life?

Changing your perspective on negative, darker, possibly traumatic moments in your life and seeing them in a new light might be the shift you need!

Join me today as my special guest and I review, edit and proofread some popular perspectives that hold people back from expanding and living in a new truth that serves them.

Learn about a new exercise that uses previous and current journals that you’ve already expressed yourself in, and have the valuable experience of rewriting your story so that you can live in a new light.

We welcome International Best Selling Author, Content Editor, Usui Reiki Master, Self-Mastery Coach, student of alternative healing modalities in plants and herbs, and crystal enthusiast, Charise Morris, who shines in life by using her dark moments as lessons and edits her perspective to reveal to her the expansive opportunities that are only a choice away.

She believes that the best things in life are laughter and a positive outlook. She is grateful for the miracles of everyday life and is passionate about her family. Charise is blessed with a wonderful husband and three beautiful children who share their time together in Ontario, Canada 🇨🇦.

Charise would love to hear from you at

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Tomás Garza - Uplevel Your Awakening In The Conscious Playground

Tomás Garza - Uplevel Your Awakening In The Conscious Playground

June 15, 2020

Tomás Garza – Uplevel Your Awakening In The Conscious Playground

Aired Monday, June 15, 2020 at 9:00 AM PST / 12:00 PM EST

You’ve been invited to the Universal Conscious Playground to swirl, to create, to play and to charge your inner being’s light. Our physical world is filled with manifestations and isn’t it fun when we can go to a space where we get to visualize and share in a non physical plane, where a field of joy is grass, a sky of ideas are clouds and answers to solutions are toys?

Join us today at Our Conscious Playground and allow our souls to play and let awareness, healings, and peace flood your experience.

Tomás Garza, Author, Healer, Meditation Instructor, host of the internet radio show “Decide to Transform” and a Podcast Producer with friend and business partner Lisa Berry in Podcast Prosperity.

In the past Tomás has run a private mediation practice and served as Adjunct Professor of Conflict Resolution at Portland State University.

More background, we learn that Tomás lived in Uliastai, Mongolia as a member of the U.S. Peace Corps. And today we can find him sitting on the board of Directors Of The Academy Of Universal Self Mastery, as well as one of the founding faculty members.

He and his wife, Cindy Garza, now live in Phoenix, Arizona, after spending the past two years traveling in Mexico.

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Pamela Larocque - How To Regain Your Balance During These Questionable Times

Pamela Larocque - How To Regain Your Balance During These Questionable Times

June 8, 2020

Pamela Larocque – How To Regain Your Balance During These Questionable Times

Aired Monday, June 8, 2020 at 9:00 AM PST / 12:00 PM EST

The pay out of balance is that we can access our resources Within.

What does being out of balance look like?

Heartache,confusion,disappointment, feeling lost. We all experience being out of balance differently and the most important question to ask is – How do we regain balance?

It’s not about getting back to normal, it’s about recalibrating to the circumstances that exist and holding onto the knowing that joy is to be experienced.

Hope and trust can lead the way to knowing.

Join me today as I share an intimate conversation with Author Pamela Larocque who can attest to the value of belief when it comes to balance.

Having gone through an inward journey to meet her balanced, authentic and intuitively powered self after trauma and darkness of infant loss.

Pamela speaks from a transparent, wise and compassionate place of regaining balance. After the turmoil and confusion of being ‘thrown off’ balance on all energetic levels she shares how being intentional in all you do is the key to your actions and results.

Wherever you may find yourself out of balance, you are invited to feel the stability that lies within and have the strength to not only support yourself but others who are reaching out during this time as well.

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Ayse Hogan - What Makes You Follow A Vision With Action

Ayse Hogan - What Makes You Follow A Vision With Action

June 1, 2020

What Makes You Follow A Vision With Action – Founder and Dean of The University Of Self Master Ayse Hogan

Aired Monday, June 1, 2020 at 9:00 AM PST / 12:00 PM EST

Oh the power of a vision, of a dream that your heart has and what action it can inspire us to take.

But how clear does our vision and strong does our desire have to be to inspire physical action?

What can we do to clear the path for ourselves and make way for our inner knowing to lead us.

What prevents us from taking action on following a dream, or sharing and creating from a vision that our soul has shown us?

Today my guest Reverend, Healer and Self Mastery Coach Ayse Hogan, Founder and Dean of The University Of Self Mastery, shares her story of how she listened, respected and followed her own vision and inner guidance despite it showing a 180 degree flip picture from original conception.

Ayse will be inviting us to tap into our own frequency that promotes high speed alignment and reveals the possible gifts that we can calibrate to when tuning in to our soul’s desires.

She invited BIG LOVE into her life, not knowing how that would look, and is excited to inspire us all to commit to believing in our dreams.

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Anthony Manna and Jo Ann Gramlich - Powerful Reading and Writing Activities from Concentration to Wonder

Anthony Manna and Jo Ann Gramlich - Powerful Reading and Writing Activities from Concentration to Wonder

May 25, 2020

Anthony Manna and Jo Ann Gramlich – Powerful Reading and Writing Activities from Concentration to Wonder

Aired Monday, May 25, 2020 at 9:00 AM PST / 12:00 PM EST

When I received BOTH of these books to read a magical experience began!!! From the colourful ‘jack in the box’ of fun activities of Talk, Read, and Play With Me Mommy to the impressive and imagination stimulating reimagined Greek folktale Of Loukas and the Game Of Chance!!!

Every child, adult and family is taken on a journey where they can interact and enhance their skills. Language, speech, creativity and imagination summon an urge for every reader to share.

Join me as I interview two very special authors who share their own story of how these ‘lessons in a book’ came about and the expansive ways their books can help children at any age, including us big kids.

Loukas and the Game of Chance

“While Loukas is playing his flute at the seawall one day, he befriends a mysterious talking, dancing snake that rewards him with fortune and favor. Some years later, tempted by greed and pride, Loukas loses all his riches and his family. He must now set off on a treacherous journey through a frightening forest filled with suspense and strange creatures to find Destiny, her son Ilion, the Sun, and her daughter Luna, the Moon. These celestial guardians will surely allow him to reverse his misfortune, restore his honor, and win back all that he loves and treasures, won’t they?

A reimagined Greek folktale, Loukas and the Game of Chance is illuminated with dramatic and evocative pen and ink drawings that provide an ideal backdrop for the dark intrigue that fills this haunting story of human struggle, courage, and resilience.”

About the Anthony Manna

Anthony L. Manna’s first collaboration with Soula Mitakidou, Mr. Semolina-Semolinus: A Greek Folktale, illustrated by Giselle Potter, was an ALAALSC Notable Book, a Marion Vannett Ridgway Award winner, and a New York Public Library Best Book for Children. Another collaboration of theirs, The Orphan: A Cinderella Story from Greece, illustrated by Giselle Potter, was a Bank Street College of Education Best Book of 2012. They also collaborated on the anthology, Folktales from Greece: A Treasury of Delights. Anthony has worked with children and teens in drama and storytelling; has been an actor, director of children’s theater, vehicle repossessor, and janitor; and has taught in schools and universities in Turkey, Greece, Albania, and the United States. He divides his time between Ohio and Arizona.

Connect with Anthony at

Talk, Play, and Read with Me Mommy: Interactive Activities to Enhance Your Child’s Language Development From Birth to Age Five

Did you know that you can begin to talk and interact with your child as early as birth? If you did, then you’re on the right track to getting your child ready for the infant, toddler, and preschool years. If you didn’t, Talk, Play, and Read with Me Mommy will provide you and your child with many stimulating activities and games that are developmentally appropriate and designed to help enhance your child’s speech and language skills.

There are interactive activities for infants (e.g. Rattle Time, Lots of Sounds, Peek-a-Boo), toddlers (e.g. Surprise Bag, Flashlight Fun, Bear Talk), and preschoolers (e.g. Listen Up, Hunting for Colors, Silly Stories). These games can be played when you and your child have a few extra minutes during daily routines, playtime, or story time. You can also use this book when you are on the move, so make sure you carry it wherever you go. About Jo Ann Gramlich

JO ANN GRAMLICH is a speech-language pathologist who provides evaluation and remediation services for children with communication disorders in the Buffalo Public School District of Western New York. She also provides speech-language therapy for children in early intervention and preschool programs within Erie County. She holds a Master of Science degree in Speech-Language Pathology from the State University of New York College at Buffalo.

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Candice Hutchings - Food That Does More Than Feed You!

Candice Hutchings - Food That Does More Than Feed You!

May 18, 2020

Food That Does More Than Feed You! – with Candice Hutchings, The Edgy Veg

Aired Monday, May 18, 2020 at 9:00 AM PST / 12:00 PM EST

How much do you think about your food? What relationship do you have with the way you eat? Is it time to try a new way of eating?

Now this show really is food for thought, thoughts like…

What memories do you have of this food?

How does this particular food make you feel?

How Is it prepared?

What does it taste like?

I am always excited to talk about, think about and eat food, but our guest today has really offered people a new way of eating, a new way of thinking about food, and really a lifestyle around food.

Candice Hutchings, who is the face of The Edgy Veg, is on a journey to revolutionize how we think about food, eco-conscious living, and feminism. Author of the cookbook 138 Carnivore Approved Vegan Recipes, Candice delivers Vegan recipes with attitude and comedy. Edgy by nature, both her popular YouTube channel and Instagram pages have disrupted the Vegan community with her candid and humorous take on activism, not only for animals with food built differently, but also mental health, the environment, and female empowerment.

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Leanne Babcock - Be Unwilling To Be Stopped By Your Fear

Leanne Babcock - Be Unwilling To Be Stopped By Your Fear

May 11, 2020

Leanne Babcock – Be Unwilling To Be Stopped By Your Fear

Aired Monday, May 11, 2020 at 9:00 AM PST / 12:00 PM EST

Courage, it’s not a peptalk it’s having a vision built from the heart. It’s no thinking at all, it’s truly a time you want to be thoughtless. Sooo how do we interrupt our thoughts and claim courage?

Where in your life could you use more courage?

*To have deeper conversations

*To trust that NOW is the time

*To leave or have a healthy relationship

*To give yourself the guaranteed you’ve been wanting others to offer

*To heal past traumas

*To earn an income you want

*To rid your heart of disappointment

*To love and accept yourself

*To see and witness your true worth

Leanne Babcock travelled the world and learned that the love affair she has with life had always started with her.

It started with allowing her heart to show her the vision and then to lead the way with courage.

Being as sensitive as Leanne is it took her many big leaps to build trust but 1 question always helped her to move through fear.

Why would I hold back from following my heart?

You might be familiar with these answers:

Because I don’t want to upset anyone?

Because I want to have more of a guarantee before I jump?

Because I don’t feel ready? Because… Because… Because…

And today Leanne talks about the truth…

“I was scared. And so are you!”

Fear is a passing thing. And That doesn’t mean that now you should WAIT to let fear pass. No. It means, fear passes when you step towards it….when you walk through it. Truly!

Now is the perfect time to do what’s been in your heart.

What’s in your heart that you haven’t yet done?

About Leanne Babcock

She’s a coach, speaker and author. People say her coaching program shakes up the roots of their soul and opens their mind and heart. It transforms their life.

Leanne is an NLP Master Practitioner, Master Coach in multiple Brain Integration Techniques and a Master Coach and Trainer in the Babcock Coaching technology. Also trained in hypnotherapy, Transactional Analysis and ontological coaching, she has worked extensively in the realms of intuition and shamanism.

Working with people in business, government and public has given Leanne a wide range of experience. Her focus has mainly been with heart-centered leaders, entrepreneurs and creatives. Today she works extensively with women helping them to boldly claim who they truly are and to live fulfilling and purposeful lives.

“But more simply, I’m just a courageous wild woman who listens to the trees.” Leanne Babcock

Published Books

OPEN ME – the true story of a magical journey from fear to freedom and REAL & WILD YOU – your daring and magical inner journey (an international best-seller).

How to contact Leanne

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Activate Your Illumination with Aurora Light

Activate Your Illumination with Aurora Light

May 4, 2020

Activate Your Illumination with Aurora Light

Aired Monday, May 4, 2020 at 9:00 AM PST / 12:00 PM EST

Aurora calls herself a Joy Alchemist and soul embodiment guide as the creator of Joy Evolution. Her mission is to empower you to go from fearing your spiritual gifts to activating them as your superpowers so you can fulfil YOUR soul mission and light up the world! She is here to remind you that everything you have ever done has been training for this time. You have honed your skills and it is time to shine! Aurora loves holding space for epic transformation, either one-on-one or in her The Alchemical Creation Academy.

You can find out more at

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Sacred Hearts Rising Interview Series with Rachael Dyer and Stephanie Leach

Sacred Hearts Rising Interview Series with Rachael Dyer and Stephanie Leach

April 27, 2020

Sacred Hearts Rising Interview Series with Rachael Dyer and Stephanie Leach

Aired Monday, April 27, 2020 at 9:00 AM PST / 12:00 PM EST

It’s Never Too Late OR To Early

Two stories, one goal. To help others prevent suffering. Physical, emotional and mental wellness is always possible and listening to others share their wisdom is a step in creating a beautiful life not to be missed.

We begin with our first guest and co-author in Sacred Hearts Rising is Rachel Dyer.

Rachel was diagnosed with scoliosis at the age of 15 and underwent major spine surgery at 16. She hopes to raise awareness of scoliosis and the importance of early detection. Learning how to identify scoliosis through signs and symptoms can help people not suffer the way she did and literally create a more comfortable, active and enjoyable full life.

Rachael Dyer was born in Leicester in the UK and is the youngest of four children.

Rachael married her Canadian husband in 2006 and immigrated to Canada.

She is the co-owner of a fitness centre in Sookie BC. She is also co-founder and President of Sooke Women In Business and loves to see women empowering other women.

Rachael lives in British Columbia and loves to spend time with her husband and dogs Oscar and Hank.

Our second guest and co-Author in Sacred Hearts Rising is Stephanie Leach.

As a young girl, Stephanie lived through emotional & verbal abuse at the hands of the person she loved most – her mother.

She came to realize that this was a generational issue and pattern that would continue to play itself out if she didn’t change course. Stephanie made it her mission to start learning, growing & healing.

After 2 decades of conscious work, she has stopped the cycle, healed herself, learned to put up healthy boundaries & stand up for herself. What she could never have anticipated in the process is that HER healing rippled outward, helping & healing her mom and others in the process.

Stephanie lives in Nanaimo, British Columbia with her husband Ken. She loves kayaking, entertaining, travelling and hiking with her dog Libby. She continues to work on personal growth and has a dynamic & passionate energy for sharing her personal experiences of learning, growing and healing. Most of all, Stephanie is grateful to have the support of Ken, her step-son Jay & his wife Amie.

Beyond the Chapter – Sacred Hearts Rising Interview Series

Secrets are told and pasts are revealed to create bigger, better and brighter lives, to never live in the shadows of shame.

Sacred Hearts Rising Anthology Series has inspired a global movement where we are all encouraged to stand up and say it’s time to break free from the shadows of trauma and abuse.

During this interview series you’ll hear from co-authors who have faced and survived profound trauma, loss, and pain and who have discovered great strength, personal determination and deeper understanding. They chose to seek out something better than where they were.

Through their interviews, you will hear about both the ease and the challenge involved in finding the wings a person needs to take flight, out of suffering and into a bigger and brighter future.

Each episode serves as a reminder that
*You are not alone in your struggles
*That there is hope for you,
*That you can find your wings and rise

It can be scary to share but
*you will undoubtedly find yourself in one or more of the co-author’s shoes or know someone who has a similar story
*You may feel what some of the co-authors have gone through and understand others
*You will discover how they came out the other side: whole and free

Throughout this series including, 5 interviews with Publisher/Author and 8 co-authors, you’ll feel the Inspiration, the Honesty and the Courage of true life stories that nobody wants to voice out loud but certainly wants to hear about.

The stories vary from abuse, mental illness, suicide to life as an lgbtq but every co-author tells you how they made it through. It’s time to live openly and freely and live in our own light.

Week 1 Brenda Hammon
Week 2 Debbie Bibaud / Elizabeth Gagnon
Week 3 Daphne McDonagh / Alexis Ellis
Week 4 Nadine Hanchar / Jennifer Grenier
Week 5 Rachael Dyer / Stephanie Leach

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